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Megaera's Writing Blog

Exciting News about The Shabti!

So many things have happened since I last posted here! I'll try to come back for a more detailed update soon, but here are the highlights:


Edits are done on The Shabti, which means I'll have ARCs soon. I'm so excited to begin sharing it with readers! I'll be posting again with information about how to request an ARC once they're available and I have more details.


Meanwhile, a narrator has been cast for the audiobook—the inimitable Matt Haynes. I loved his character voices and can't wait to hear what he does with my story.


If you're itching to pre-order the book now, you can do so on the CamCat website! Or, put it on your Goodreads shelf. As of now, it's scheduled for publication May 21st, 2024.


Oh, and one more thing--since the website formerly known as Twitter may be on the verge of imploding, I have been branching out to other platforms. You can find me on Instagram, Threads, BlueSky, and Tumblr as megaeralwrites.

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