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The Shabti

It’s 1934. Dashiel Quicke is a down-and-out phony séance medium with nothing left to lose but his conviction that Spiritualism is bunk. Determined to leave his shady past behind, he devotes himself to exposing fake mediumship.

During one of his demonstrations at a university in Illinois, he meets sweet-natured, eccentric Egyptology professor Hermann Goschalk. Hermann is convinced that a genuine ghost is haunting the small museum he curates on campus, so he asks Dashiel to help him rule out a hoax. Dashiel agrees to investigate, certain that there must be a mundane explanation. He soon finds himself confronted with overwhelming evidence that the haunting is real, forcing him to question everything he has ever believed.

Dashiel is terrified by what he’s seen, and he also has his own ghosts to grapple with. Pursued by Porphyrio, his vengeful former business partner and ex-lover, he has every intention of skipping town and not looking back. But as Dashiel is drawn further into the mystery of the haunting, he finds it increasingly difficult to ignore his deepening feelings for Hermann. When the ghostly phenomena take a dangerous turn and put Hermann’s life in peril, he faces an impossible choice—flee to protect himself and Hermann from the jealous and unpredictable Porphyrio, or stay and find a way to lay the angry spirit to rest?


Praise for The Shabti


"Enormously enjoyable, atmospheric, satisfyingly informed with real knowledge, and a pleasure to read: I gulped it down in two sittings." --KJ Charles, Author of The Secret Lives of Country Gentlemen


"With her beautifully nuanced main characters, and secondary characters who fill the stage around them with wry humor and calibrated malevolence, Megaera Lorenz has created a rich and textured novel that,  in the end, is greatly satisfying." --Ulysses Grant Dietz, Author of Cliffhanger


The Shabti